Thursday, 27 October 2011



  1. Hey Ollie,

    I'd suggest a cropped view - at the moment we've got a lot of sky, and the subject of the image is stuck in a kind of mid-distance. Can you bring him to the forefront more, so we can get a better look at him? There's a lot of detail in his face going unnoticed right now...

    Also - you need to get your written tasks on here asap, Ollie...

  2. hey Ollie, creative partner here! after some of our chats, and finally being able to access your blog, but hey! i agree with phil, but i would like to add this is a self portrait althought the house in the background is very good, it draws the eye too much, maybe getting rid of it completely, also with the lighting i had troubles maybe a softer airbrush to give it more of a feather-like lighting, and maybe considering a bounce light, one last thing would be i like the body structure and mid-metamorphosis transition but i would like to see more of your face within the image. :D