Saturday, 1 October 2011

THE FIRST IDEAS TO BLOOM (Thumbnail sketches) Continued..

 This idea really took off on a tangent, an interesting one but maybe a bit too dense? Basically, adding the machinery deep into the splicing/hybridisation methodology may detract from the fact I'm merging with a creature, in other words metal (And/or other metallic substances/materials etc) would get in the way link, both visually and in theory.

 Okay, the Giant African Millipede technically has compound eyes but not as tightly woven as that of a fly. Made up of small hexagons as '22' shows, the compound eye of a Giant African Millipede has a far wider spread in terms of how much space the hexagonal optics have between each other, not to mention they are there are MUCH less of these optics then a fly. These single optics are far large which is a good starting point to having them merge or with a human eye or sit on the other side of the face to one. '22' shows this but refer to '24'-'30' for the more appropriate eye designs, '30' thirty being the most controversial in some aspect because the pupil and iris are still present.
(Left Image:, Robber Fly by Thomas Shanan [online image] Accessed 2 October 2011,
(Right Image:, Millipede Eye 5 by Sea Moon [Online Image] Accessed 2 October 2011,

 Just quick ideas about the feet really, seems a little pointless to worry about them right now, seeing as the the idea for the legs aren't quite solid, let alone decided upon.. Anyhoo, ideas nonetheless  ^ ^ '33' is interesting as the Millipede-esque legs from '31'-'32' are now little human legs, awww how cute. '34' refers from the Arthopleura cristata, a flat, pre-historic Millipede and my first thought after seeing it (On my influence map: second row down, five across) was "Hmmmmm, armour! Well, covers over the skin!" 

Ideas upon what manner the exoskeleton shall slowly engulf my body. '35', hopefully you can read the writing yourself (Used a pretty good camera + settings ^ ^). '36' feels more at home with me, I feel comfortable with the kind of of interlocking visuals, almost stone like. The point I was making is that the general arched shape of the exoskeleton is impractical for sculpting against the body, this design of mine shows the splice isn't perfect, adds more room for texture and character as well as being more correct on a biological level. '37' portrays it like a direct stigma.. Nah. '38' is interesting so possible incorporation. 

 Back in the first of the thumbnail uploads I mentions the Minotaur idea (I didn't like it at first but it has grown on me as people have mentioned that it is interesting). The mythical terminology is very interesting and rich with this best but I'm looking for stature, not story on this one, something more contemporary as a reference. A great example is Motaro from the Mortal Combat series, tough, strong and well built, it fits seeing as I'm a rather broad guy. Okay, these are the latest drawing and I'll be adding more soon. 
(Image above:, Motaro sprite [Online Image] Accessed 2 October 2011,

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