Saturday, 22 October 2011

Head/Face studies

Key features on my face:
  • Rounded button-like nose
  • Big bottom lip
  • plump cheeks (Seems to be a key definition)
  • Thick eyebrows 
  • Bladed edge in the corner of my eye (I think it's rather pronounced)
  • I'm a nice guy but I can pull an off a set of evil eyes O_O
  • Big/tall front teeth with an overbite (It's why my top lip sticks out... Damn I'm pretty much knocking myself a bit here!)
  • My eye colour is a rich hazel, I like them :)
  •  My cheekbones are actually higher then they appear, they're being masked by my big cheeks >_>
Okay this is enough for my face and head, overall I have an interesting face there are decent bits to work from ^ ^

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