Saturday, 1 October 2011

The Outcome of Our Life Drawing lesson, WEEK TWO

Fig 1.
Hmmm, I think you'll notice from last time that I have reduced the head to body ratio though proportions are too broad around the left arm and shoulders, the shading indicates that Jane's collar bone is a lot steeper then is should be *Pulls awkward face*. I like it from the right armpit down to the thighs. The right leg is pretty good, the calf muscles look good and in good relative position to the knee.. unfortunately, it looks like I've dislocated or broken Jane's left ankle, ouch, SORRY! 

Fig 2.
 I really like this one, we looked at tonal qualities rather then looking to sketch the entirety of Jane's body. Basically using the Gestalt  Theory, that something does have to be complete for it to make sense, the lack of outline is key for tonal densities to show and allowing our brain to figure out where to fill in the gaps. I think I did well on this one.

Fig 3.
This is by far the most difficult pose I've drawn to date but to my surprise, my favourite! Once again, using the Gestalt Theory I  mapped out the darkest sections on Jane's upper body and then moved down the right arm and onto the cushion of which I used as my perimeter. I briefly figure out the darked textures of the creased, white robe and started on the legs, Jenny really liked it so that was great! Another good lesson If not a better one then the last, hopefully the trend with keep up?

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  1. Hey Ollie I’m Alex your 2nd year tutor I think we vaguely met in your Photoshop Phil tutorial class. But anyway I’m Alex :p and I’m gonna be your mentor which basically means I’m going to check your blog just to make sure you do the right thing sooner than later, and generally help you if you are struggling with any aspect on the course. To get at me you can do a @Alex post and I’ll write back to you there OR email OR even better I am always in the CG Room next to the base room like every day! So come over to talk to me and I’ll try to help you with anything I can .

    Your blog is looking absolutely great. Blogging to creative timeline , plenty to see your thought process with the unit and your general engagement with the course which is brilliant!

    I love I love I LOVE your glue gun cup experiment. That was so cool and inventive, amazing idea, Really reminded me of The Fly 1986 one, where Jeff Goldblum, skin is flaking off. That cringing bubbling texture that you just want to touch because it’s so gross, love that. I think you should definitely look into body Horror.

    Speaking to The Fly, there’s no reviews. Just make sure to don’t leave that alone because they all build up to laugh at you when it’s your hand in and you haven’t written any. I wasn’t no angel when it came to reviews. So through my experience stick with it. It will help you perfect your writing style.

    Last note just blog blog blog!, and keep up with the drawings, they are looking great!