Saturday, 29 October 2011

Close-ups on the Ollipede

Ollipede Progression


  1. Very cool Ollie, I'm loving the asymmetry going on between the arms..I'm curious how you ended up at this final, because you got rid of the Minotaur idea? And I know you havent blogged half the really detailed drawings that you showed me in your sketchbook, still a great first portrait :)

  2. Thank you Alex :) Yeah the progression of how I got to that stage shall hopeful be posted soon, trying to make it into a Scribd document :P (And kinda of failing xD) Basically I really like the Minotaur idea but it began feeling like an unintentional cliché and I then I was given the idea of armour. With this design I was able to focus on my characteristics like my broad shoulders and stature, the asymmetrical arm are simple to show what one is the dominant and the other that'll be most taken over by the Giant African Millipede, being SEVERELY left-handed (I'm in the rare 11% of the worlds populace :P), my left arm is displayed as being stronger and remaining more human :) My muscle construct is far more dense on my left arm so that's why it's a lot bulkier. Also I have long fingers and quite possibly the favourite part of the digital painting is the thumb! xD My thumb tips curve backwards, kind of displayed it as an inside joke I suppose :P I'm flat footed so I had millipede-esque tendril borrow out from my feet and 'SPLODGE' over whatever I stand on, taking not only the theory of flat feet to a bit of an extreme but allowing the tendrils to move and traverse ground in a Millipede fashion. Anyway, I'm glad you like it and thank you for the feedback Alex :) Oh, those pictures I showed you are in my OGR by the way, just so you know :)

  3. good to hear that Ollie! If you do need any advice, literally @ me or facebook, its totally fine.. even better I'm going to be in all week so yeah :) speak to you soon