Saturday, 8 October 2011

Outcome of our 'Photoshop Phil' lesson, WEEK THREE

My template idea is in it's refinement stage, what this lesson helped me to do is stick with the silhouette technique and work on the frame and posture of my creature rather then fiddle around with details that don't need to be there right now (Cheers Photoshop Phil!). My Millipede is a little awkward because the fine line I'm trying to achieve between the Millipede itself and me is fading in and out of reality.. I like the idea of my extended frame and the addition of elongated segment of the Millipede connected to my back, that is pretty much solid but what is bothering me is the head and face, it needs more ME. My natural body frame (In between Mesomorph and Endomorph) will start to take shape even further in this design as I progress. NOTE TO SELF: I need more SILHOUETTES and change things if they could be better.

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