Monday, 10 October 2011

@ PHIL Semi-urgent design feedback

Hello there Phil, is it okay if you can help me with a little feedback on my overall design? I like it quite a bit personally as it feels like a fair amalgamation of me and Millipede, utilising it's leg and versatile structure, etc. What I would ideally like help with is the head? That'll more then likely be holding the most character of me; not to make myself seem dull but the fact I'm left-handed, being scattered in random scars (Actually... the mention of scars gave me an idea, BING! Brainwave) and having flat feet, my face is the only preferably interesting visual thing about me ^ ^ Anyway, enough chatter, what do you think?
Cheers :)


  1. Hey Ollie,

    Okay - well, I've give a number of students similar advice re. the 'centaur' approach - which is essentially to keep the two species separate - i.e., the distinct torse/body of a human, with the backside of the creature. Now - it's not that some of the drawings in your OGR (thanks for that finally, btw) are somehow ineffective or poor, it's just that I'm left wondering at how truly speculative you've been so far in terms of imagining the outcomes of your splice. For example, if you were to look at Magda's thumbnails, she's investigated a number of different styles - from cute to creepy:

    Notice how different percentages of the human 'survive' the splice. Now, if you pay Steve's blog a visit, you'll see how he's investigating ideas of armor, because of the hard shell of his nautilus...

    Indeed, because of the armor-plating of your insect, maybe you too might think about using that segmented body structure more imaginatively. You see, your head, right now, is a classic 'b-movie' approach, complete with antennae. Going for a 'b-movie' approach could be wonderful, but if so, you'd need to fold in some of the design language of that for your resulting hybrid; for example:

    I guess what I'm saying is I think there's more innovation available to you here - and it means looking again at your insect and finding some alternate ways to speculate. You can always return to the 'centaur approach', but often that's a bit of corner into which students back themselves. Take another look, Ollie - and I suggest you spend a bit of time browsing the work-flow of your colleagues to see how they've pushed their ideas beyond cliche and the conventional.

  2. Hmmm, I see what you mean. I used the more Minotaur approach in terms of structure but baring in mind half-Millipede, half-human isn't the thing I'm going for, that would be a MAJOR cliché and I understand that :) I do believe that this idea usefully utilises key aspects of the Millipede like the elongated body being able to support of a lot of weight, etc. It almost feels like I'm plagued with an infection but I don't want that, also I'm not keen on 'B movie' character profiling so I'm making a few mistake I believe xD Oh well, this is what I call my template design and I'll grasp the good bits and make them more substantial as well as getting rids of bits that seem a bit cliché, which are primarily non-intentional. Oh yeah! I've actually deciphered the process of how the mutation for the arms and legs could work, biologically :) I've post that idea up and reveal it's conceptual/sciencey', goodness. Thank you for the links too, I follow Steve's blog quite frequently and the uses of membrane are rather interesting. Thank you for your feedback, I'll get to altering the 'Ollipede'.

  3. Armour is always a good route for me, always been an enthusiast ^ ^ Got some examples I can use once I shred down my 30-image, influence map!