Sunday, 9 October 2011

Follow up ideas for the 'Olliepede'

Above is a head design, I do feel the one I posted as a template design in my OGR wasn't 'ME' enough and didn't have much wow-factor (Top left corner). It was most realistic to the subtlety of the Giant African Millipede but it does need a boost. 

I feel proud of these designs, first time dealing with colour eventually I'll find myself using the original colour of the Giant African Millipede which is a dark burgundy, quite nice looking with it's natural glossiness. Anyway, someone please tell me what they think, especially about the head designs at the bottom but also the way these are drawn, not the silhouette technique but it has the same principles. 

I've also taken into account that on average, people like this design on the right to my base/template head and face. 


  1. great designs Ollie! you fused all your parts up great. So happy you stuck with the Minotaur structure

  2. Yay! :D Cheers Alex, well appreciated, what do you think specifically and the style of which I constructed the full body profile? Still think I need to add more Ollie-esque character to the face :)