Thursday, 29 September 2011

Outcome of our Life Drawing lesson, WEEK ONE

Fig 1.
A drawing of Simon, a fellow classmate (Not sure whether that big head is very flattering or not...). It isn't too bad, my first drawings of the session tend to be the worst ones but baring that in mind, the proportion isn't far off so this one wasn't 100% displeasing.

Fig 2.
This is our nude model, Jane. I've drawn her a few time before actually in previous classes. The proportion is far more pleasing in this one.. minus the once again, LARGE head. I think the hand is pretty good and that is (Or was) rare to me because I find them to be a problem so there is a good point of positivity. 

 Fig 3.
This was Sammy and I'm pretty pleased with this one also. Chris was impressed with the contours of the back which is good ^ ^ Shame I couldn't fit the other foot in but I made good work of using the whole page that time. I find the face shape is pretty accurate too which is another bonus on my behalf so... Not a bad session!

THE FIRST IDEAS TO BLOOM (Thumbnail sketches)

 I'd like to be left more Human then Millipede, a 'Milli-man' so to speak ^ ^

 I thought that I'd portray whether the mythical sense may fit into the workings but... I like the idea of a Minotaur structure of '4' but I prefer the idea of '5' for the due the the better combination of human and key aspects of the Millipede, thus  being its flexible body and exo-skeleton. '6' is too easy If I'm honest and '7' is a good idea if the ravage insect side of me is unleashed but it won't be ^ ^

..'8' just makes me laugh but I want this creature to be scared and taken seriously. '9','10','11 are good concepts of how (Still) human this creature can be, I've utilized the snout shape of the Giant African Millipede and taken brief reference from my influence map.

 '12' does obtain the key humanoid features in terms of basic structure... Apart from the bi-pedal legs but anyhoo! (I like different leg types so I thought why not! ^ ^) '12' has the basic idea of what I want to do to some degree, '13' is one I like because it shows a good sense of anguish and it has SPLICE written all over it. By that I mean the right hand is messed up, the exo-skeleton is phasing through the skin and well... the head is interesting to say the least. I prefer to ignore '14', that is more on the lines of these creatures are growing from me and basically that'll be wrong..

These are primary ideas about how the shape of the Millipede leg could form into something more human, not to say that this creature (Me) shall have 270-esque legs like an actual Millipede because that'll be within in the line of predicable.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The hybridization of me and a Archispirostreptus gigas (Giant African Millipede


Thursday, 15 September 2011

The first page of the 'Structures' based sketches. 
Probably the most unusual of the categories. As with the machines, physics are something I like to toy with within my designs.
The floating factory towards  in the centre is something to point out, the term for that conceptual land mass is 'Archipelago',  basically meaning a large group of scattered islands or groups of islands in general. Of course in a realistic sense of the word, existing archipelago do not reside in mid-air.

\/ (The three ideas 
below pose no interest to me If I'm honest ) \/
 These are the first of the 'Machine' sketches. I went on a bit of a tangent with vehicular based constructs but I suppose I like to keep a sense of movement. They are open to interpretation on 'some' levels of realism.
 I seem to enjoy the idea of non-conventional looking machinery as it gives a far more appealing flare, not only that it helps broaden the imagination when it comes creating relative machines in the future.
Tall, or a more preferable choice of wording.. HUGE vehicles seems to take my eye more then smaller types, not exactly the power or the excited kind of intimidation that gets me but the fact it gives a lot more room for structural complexity and diverse functions, above a lot of things, I'm very inventive and a big fan of physics. 
 Page one of the 'lifeforms' category. This it the full page of these ten creatures, transfigured from aspects of the allocated inspirational items. 
 I've taken close ups of the creatures for a better view of their feature and overall style.
My influences (Aside from the inspirational items) were based primarily around animals rather then humanoid figures, just seemed more interesting to do so.
I enjoy forming animalism within my work because it leaves room for more uncommon ideas if the certain idea is furthered.. Saying this, the humanoid creature in the bottom right is my favoured ideas.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

These are the second set of inspirational items and I have to say I'm more partial to these. 
The first seven inspirational items I shall utilise to create one hundred and one sketches in my Summer project "Creativity 101".

These Items and the following 
are the basis of which I shall create '101' drawings and then pick three to finalize as some form of 3D artwork.