Sunday, 2 October 2011

THE FIRST IDEAS TO BLOOM (Thumbnail sketches) Final pages..

Okay then, these are the end thumbnails to my collection on my blog, 50 in total. 
This entire collection should be promising to obtaining good ideas to what the final design shall be. '42' and '43' are antenna, shape ideas and remaining three are just some more head studies. '44' is the most interesting from the page as generally for the first time you can see some sort of snout and little mandibles around the jawline, which the Giant African Millipede has.
Onto the last page, '46' catches your attention first, ay? That was another idea I had about protruding exoskeleton segments, way not a horn?.. Because Giant African Millipedes do not have them ^ ^ '47' has sort of been seen before but I thought I'd giving it another whirl. '50' looks almost Mountain Goat-esque, oh well, at least it'll put some RAM into the idea. *Smiles stupidly at a clearly, unfunny joke*
Thank you very much for following these thumbnails and further ideas shall be coming soon! 

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  1. OGR 04/10/11

    Hi Ollie,

    Why don't you have an OGR as requested? Are you a special case? I don't think that you are, so I'm confused. Frustratingly, you've got some nicely creative stuff going on here, but the ability to follow a simple instruction would be welcome too! The point of you putting your OGR together is so that you can reflect on your own progress so far and ensure your development is hitting its stride. Although you've got some innovative approaches on here, I'm not actually seeing much variance in terms of your hybrid ideas. The video content is welcome, but you seem to me to be circling the same image. Can I suggest you break out and diversify and take on some new shapes - consider Josh's blog for an example of the value in just playing fast and loose with your form.

    I'm a bit concerned re. the reviews and written content - another purpose of the OGR is to get your essay intro up and published so I can offer you constructive advice on your approach and style. I hope you're accessing the Rough Guide to Written Assignments available on myUCA/Anatomy/Unit Materials - it's got everything you need to ensure you don't submit something that struggles to satisfy.

    You'll be contacted by Jackie Andrew, as I want to talk with you face-to-face to ensure that all is well, as I'm seeking reassurance that you're fully engaged with the course programme and its resources. See you soon.