Saturday, 29 October 2011

The Elephant Man

Close-ups on the Ollipede

Ollipede Progression

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Final piece update: Changes to the Ollipede

The colour and texture of the Giant African Millipede is like a deep, burgundy with a kind of vinyl-like shine to it. The Ollipede shall copy that kind of colour and texture in the final piece. Example below;

Ollipede Change Document

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Week 2 and 3 of Life Drawing

Hand studies.

Features of my hands:
  • Okay then, I'm left-handed, one of only 11% of the world, cool huh?
  • I have a cut on my right hand, between my thumb and my index finger, severed a ligament, ouch!
  • As a follow -on, this ligament had healed while stretch so I have a wider grasp with my right hand ^ ^
  • I have long fingers 
  • My palms are rather muscular (Not hairy :P) 
  • My thumb curves a lot and points out
Overall they're good hands, ermmmm, I think my Ollipede idea gets rid of the hands but I'll see :3 

Feet studies.

Features of my feet:
  • I have flat feet, the arch in the centre isn't very predominant
  • My toes are rather long
  • On my right foot, the nail on my big toe has a crack in it
Okay then, my feet are errrrrrrrm, feet-ish? Overall the main facts are that they are big-ish and I'm flat footed, intereeeeeesting ^ ^

PS: I though I'd use brush pen to give off a bit of diversity, pencil isn't my only medium, fortunately.

Head/Face studies

Key features on my face:
  • Rounded button-like nose
  • Big bottom lip
  • plump cheeks (Seems to be a key definition)
  • Thick eyebrows 
  • Bladed edge in the corner of my eye (I think it's rather pronounced)
  • I'm a nice guy but I can pull an off a set of evil eyes O_O
  • Big/tall front teeth with an overbite (It's why my top lip sticks out... Damn I'm pretty much knocking myself a bit here!)
  • My eye colour is a rich hazel, I like them :)
  •  My cheekbones are actually higher then they appear, they're being masked by my big cheeks >_>
Okay this is enough for my face and head, overall I have an interesting face there are decent bits to work from ^ ^

Texture references, things I've just seen!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Monday, 10 October 2011

Watch! This artist is pure brilliance

Yoji Shinkawa Live art show < Please watch!

@ PHIL Semi-urgent design feedback

Hello there Phil, is it okay if you can help me with a little feedback on my overall design? I like it quite a bit personally as it feels like a fair amalgamation of me and Millipede, utilising it's leg and versatile structure, etc. What I would ideally like help with is the head? That'll more then likely be holding the most character of me; not to make myself seem dull but the fact I'm left-handed, being scattered in random scars (Actually... the mention of scars gave me an idea, BING! Brainwave) and having flat feet, my face is the only preferably interesting visual thing about me ^ ^ Anyway, enough chatter, what do you think?
Cheers :)

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Follow up ideas for the 'Olliepede'

Above is a head design, I do feel the one I posted as a template design in my OGR wasn't 'ME' enough and didn't have much wow-factor (Top left corner). It was most realistic to the subtlety of the Giant African Millipede but it does need a boost. 

I feel proud of these designs, first time dealing with colour eventually I'll find myself using the original colour of the Giant African Millipede which is a dark burgundy, quite nice looking with it's natural glossiness. Anyway, someone please tell me what they think, especially about the head designs at the bottom but also the way these are drawn, not the silhouette technique but it has the same principles. 

I've also taken into account that on average, people like this design on the right to my base/template head and face. 

Saturday, 8 October 2011


Awesome!! Dr Lazarus from Doctor Who, a marvellous influence :3 
A good example of hybridisation. The mandibles protruding from the lower jaw are the key the what I felt I needed in my design so for that, thank you Sammy, your're a star ^ ^

Outcome of our 'Photoshop Phil' lesson, WEEK THREE

My template idea is in it's refinement stage, what this lesson helped me to do is stick with the silhouette technique and work on the frame and posture of my creature rather then fiddle around with details that don't need to be there right now (Cheers Photoshop Phil!). My Millipede is a little awkward because the fine line I'm trying to achieve between the Millipede itself and me is fading in and out of reality.. I like the idea of my extended frame and the addition of elongated segment of the Millipede connected to my back, that is pretty much solid but what is bothering me is the head and face, it needs more ME. My natural body frame (In between Mesomorph and Endomorph) will start to take shape even further in this design as I progress. NOTE TO SELF: I need more SILHOUETTES and change things if they could be better.