Monday, 28 November 2011

Metropolis Review (Reworked)

Monday, 14 November 2011

More image references and colour values

Images taken from the game, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, developed and produced by Bethesda studios.

Two examples of previous work that could be used as possible influences.

More Photoshop studies.

Yet another Photoshop work on scene one.... Landscape are rather difficult >_> Rolling hills, valleys and their sources of perspective are hard to navigate but I've created this kind of image before in other bits of work. It's a challenge to get the scene looking eye-catching as well as technically correct, as it is for any other scene I suppose; I feel is the main focus of the scene, the Sphinx-like statue is starting to lack due to its placement on a hill, out looking a valley but it isn't accentuating its scale. I'll work on it, in the meantime the cave complex seems to be the most promising.

I like the vibe I get from this, a good sense of depth is achieved though it is quite dark... A match will be introduced by the main character, as the story entails. The match will lighten up the place a fair amount.

Photoshop lesson outcomes, so far.

Errrrrrrrrrm.... it's bland but never-the-less its a start. This in the landscape for scene one that I'm depicting, I have done more since this, obviously so I'll get onto showing the later stuff soon.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Metropolis Review

Story and design look over for The Time Machine

Well on the note of how both the book and the 1960's film rendition place 'The Time Traveller' or as he is referred to in the film, George within the world(s) that are depicted, both seem to make it like an exploration /survival exercise.... well exploration/survival through time reminds me of Dr Who a fair amount but removing the time travel element and you're left with a rich world full of ruins made up of concrete and steel as well as VERY contradictory architecture when baring the Sphinx in mind (The Sphinx in the film was toyed about with very much) . I suppose the idea was to make it seem like the human race had lost it's muster and had back-dated, the use of Egyptian influence is the visual precursor. The story was changed when it can down to the entering of the cave too but with the cave itself, the machines inside looked like little nuclear power plants with coils around them  which errrrrrm.... seems a little bland? I  mean the machines are representation of the Morlocks (Ugly, vivid optics, dull yet textured with a contrasting colour) so I can come up with something better... Far better >_> The museum is easily the most complex because I really need to get the decrepit yet new vibe to the architecture, if that makes sense. It's basically the minds of the 60's giving their visual opinion of what it'll be like in the next century or like five decades from then (Fittingly which is now...) and how it could all seem archaic and void to the people inhabiting that world. Anyway I have a few visual references that I have gather and that I shall post soon. 

Thursday, 10 November 2011


I'm going to watch the first movie rendition of The Time Machine :) The 1960's one so I'f anyone has any queries then comment on this post and I'll get back to you :)
The Cabinet of Dr Caligari Review
Figure I'd redo it sooner then later :) Metropolis shouldn't be to far away!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Sorry to jump ahead and upload my film review for Legend, I thought it would be best to upload one for viewing soon so my writing can be assessed by fellow peers rather then waiting for me to re-write and post the one of The Cabinet of Dr Caligari and Metropolis if you see what I mean? (My PC is having software problems... Eurgh I better get it sorted out fairly soonish because losing work is a nightmare!)

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Week three of Life Drawing (Unit 2- I missed week two's lesson due to complications)

A nice flowing motion but a bit of a trial run, so to speak.

Negative space exercise one, I think I did pretty well at this!
I've done a fair amount of it on a my last course but
for about a year's gap, I've not done too badly :)

Negative space exercise two... I think I was on a roll, I
finished about 5-10 mins early as I did as much as I could
And I think the physical logic is there, Chris liked it ^ ^

Negative+ form exercise. Chris was pleased with how
coherent and well contrasted, this piece was, I'm pretty
pleased with it too! 

Week one of Life Drawing (Unit 2)

I was so tired when I was doing this... also charcoal is an old foe >_>

Nice posture, I'm improving on that front.

I really like these! Smaller so I got them done and in doing so I had time to  focus
 on the nature of poses, grasping that emphasis of complex posture. 

@ PHIL Re-upload of UNIT TWO OGR

Unit 2 OGR

Monday, 7 November 2011


Unit 2 OGR

The Creative Partnership- Jamie Tibbott

Friday, 4 November 2011


                                        Mystery folder: 11
Published in 1895

This great novel is about a scientist (Of whom H.G Wells created apparently as a version of himself) who builds a time machine and visits the future. That is the basis of the discovery element to the novel (I've read this before, when I was about 12 but it is seeming foreign to me right now... More research will hopefully jog my memory), he comes across a species of short, humanoid creatures called Eloi, these are the peaceful creatures of whom seem to greet soon after arrival. (Prior to this encounter, there is a statue of what appears to ressemble a winged-Spinx like creature, positioned on a pedestal to give a visual element of flying, I think that'll give me a nice set of ideas, also it's good to realise I'm not unfamiliar with Egyptian history and it's architecture.. YAY!)

-I'll mention a few reasons why this novel appeals to me and why I feel rather pleased for choosing this certain story from the 'Papery box of impending doom' O_O" (I say 'impending doom' because I'm fully aware that others were rather paranoid about whether what they'll get would be within there interest range.... Most  were glad of there choices, which is good ^ ^ Happy classmates!)-

Things that appeal to me so far;
  1. The idea behind the main character (Simply know as The Time Traveller) He's an inventor and therefore a kind of conceptualist.
  2. The actual description of the time travelling process itself is interesting because it contains fast-pased changes to the landscape including terraforming, biome changes and vivid colour changes.
  3. Architecture is utilised to a nice extent, the brief description leaves a lot of room for my imagination to go loopy ^ ^
  4. Back to the inventive nature of the story, I enjoy the idea of creating my version of the time machine itself, it wouldn't be in flux within the images because it isn't the landscape but it will be showing none-of-the-less.