Thursday, 29 September 2011

Outcome of our Life Drawing lesson, WEEK ONE

Fig 1.
A drawing of Simon, a fellow classmate (Not sure whether that big head is very flattering or not...). It isn't too bad, my first drawings of the session tend to be the worst ones but baring that in mind, the proportion isn't far off so this one wasn't 100% displeasing.

Fig 2.
This is our nude model, Jane. I've drawn her a few time before actually in previous classes. The proportion is far more pleasing in this one.. minus the once again, LARGE head. I think the hand is pretty good and that is (Or was) rare to me because I find them to be a problem so there is a good point of positivity. 

 Fig 3.
This was Sammy and I'm pretty pleased with this one also. Chris was impressed with the contours of the back which is good ^ ^ Shame I couldn't fit the other foot in but I made good work of using the whole page that time. I find the face shape is pretty accurate too which is another bonus on my behalf so... Not a bad session!

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