Friday, 4 November 2011


                                        Mystery folder: 11
Published in 1895

This great novel is about a scientist (Of whom H.G Wells created apparently as a version of himself) who builds a time machine and visits the future. That is the basis of the discovery element to the novel (I've read this before, when I was about 12 but it is seeming foreign to me right now... More research will hopefully jog my memory), he comes across a species of short, humanoid creatures called Eloi, these are the peaceful creatures of whom seem to greet soon after arrival. (Prior to this encounter, there is a statue of what appears to ressemble a winged-Spinx like creature, positioned on a pedestal to give a visual element of flying, I think that'll give me a nice set of ideas, also it's good to realise I'm not unfamiliar with Egyptian history and it's architecture.. YAY!)

-I'll mention a few reasons why this novel appeals to me and why I feel rather pleased for choosing this certain story from the 'Papery box of impending doom' O_O" (I say 'impending doom' because I'm fully aware that others were rather paranoid about whether what they'll get would be within there interest range.... Most  were glad of there choices, which is good ^ ^ Happy classmates!)-

Things that appeal to me so far;
  1. The idea behind the main character (Simply know as The Time Traveller) He's an inventor and therefore a kind of conceptualist.
  2. The actual description of the time travelling process itself is interesting because it contains fast-pased changes to the landscape including terraforming, biome changes and vivid colour changes.
  3. Architecture is utilised to a nice extent, the brief description leaves a lot of room for my imagination to go loopy ^ ^
  4. Back to the inventive nature of the story, I enjoy the idea of creating my version of the time machine itself, it wouldn't be in flux within the images because it isn't the landscape but it will be showing none-of-the-less.

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  1. An Update: I'm full aware of the two moving picture renditions of this The Time Machine, 1960 and 2002 (And even the non-documented TV program version from the.... 20's?). I've rented the 1960's version but I've chosen not to watch it because I'm not overly keen on taking any leafs from there set designers, I want to utilise what I read from the book so my ideas are in full flux and not adaptations of previous work... I like the design of the story's protagonist on the book cover so that's the image that I'll go with a obviously latch my visual tastes onto... No I won't turn him into and android!! xD