Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Sorry to jump ahead and upload my film review for Legend, I thought it would be best to upload one for viewing soon so my writing can be assessed by fellow peers rather then waiting for me to re-write and post the one of The Cabinet of Dr Caligari and Metropolis if you see what I mean? (My PC is having software problems... Eurgh I better get it sorted out fairly soonish because losing work is a nightmare!)


  1. This is an encouraging review, Ollie - and I like the way you associate outwards to the game too. Just an idea - can you please revisit your blog template - colour scheme etc. Take a look at Kadeem's blog - he's recently revamped his and gone for a much more minimal professional look - give it some thought,

  2. Thank you Phil :) Good to hear, yeah I find it very useful to generate useful links from subjects that 'may seem' far apart but are very much entwined in ideology, whether it's visual or through a narrative scope. Okay then Phil, I see what you mean about the layout it seems a little too gloomy though I do like the background considering I made it myself ^ ^