Sunday, 13 November 2011

Story and design look over for The Time Machine

Well on the note of how both the book and the 1960's film rendition place 'The Time Traveller' or as he is referred to in the film, George within the world(s) that are depicted, both seem to make it like an exploration /survival exercise.... well exploration/survival through time reminds me of Dr Who a fair amount but removing the time travel element and you're left with a rich world full of ruins made up of concrete and steel as well as VERY contradictory architecture when baring the Sphinx in mind (The Sphinx in the film was toyed about with very much) . I suppose the idea was to make it seem like the human race had lost it's muster and had back-dated, the use of Egyptian influence is the visual precursor. The story was changed when it can down to the entering of the cave too but with the cave itself, the machines inside looked like little nuclear power plants with coils around them  which errrrrrm.... seems a little bland? I  mean the machines are representation of the Morlocks (Ugly, vivid optics, dull yet textured with a contrasting colour) so I can come up with something better... Far better >_> The museum is easily the most complex because I really need to get the decrepit yet new vibe to the architecture, if that makes sense. It's basically the minds of the 60's giving their visual opinion of what it'll be like in the next century or like five decades from then (Fittingly which is now...) and how it could all seem archaic and void to the people inhabiting that world. Anyway I have a few visual references that I have gather and that I shall post soon. 

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