Monday, 14 November 2011

More Photoshop studies.

Yet another Photoshop work on scene one.... Landscape are rather difficult >_> Rolling hills, valleys and their sources of perspective are hard to navigate but I've created this kind of image before in other bits of work. It's a challenge to get the scene looking eye-catching as well as technically correct, as it is for any other scene I suppose; I feel is the main focus of the scene, the Sphinx-like statue is starting to lack due to its placement on a hill, out looking a valley but it isn't accentuating its scale. I'll work on it, in the meantime the cave complex seems to be the most promising.

I like the vibe I get from this, a good sense of depth is achieved though it is quite dark... A match will be introduced by the main character, as the story entails. The match will lighten up the place a fair amount.

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