Monday, 7 November 2011


Unit 2 OGR

The Creative Partnership- Jamie Tibbott


  1. This is the second time its messed up my files!!!... Phil I'll screenshot each slide tomorrow and make a Scribd document of how they're meant to to look....

  2. OGR 08/11/2011

    Hey Ollie,

    You know - I use Scribd painlessly all the time - it appears you're experiencing difficultly with software, but turning your docs into PDFs and then uploading them just seems the most stable method for Scribd...

    Anyway, the glitches accepted, your OGR demonstrates that you've given your source material some attention, but the lack of actual thumbnails means it's diffiicult for me to contribute very usefully at this stage, apart from giving you a thumbs up in regard to choices of your three scenes. It's worth, perhaps, reminding you that the concept art is for a CG adaptation of The Time Machine, so this is not simply a challenge of creating book illustrations, but rather design a world, so I want you to think carefully about style - and stylisation. The nice thing about The Time Machine is you have two civilisations that are oppositional to each other - which means you have the opportunity to think in terms of opposing styles; for example, for the world above, you might think about architectural styles associated with modernism, or 'civilisation' - think art nouveau in all its decorative glory; with the Morlocks, you've got an opposite; the savagery, a world of more brutal shapes. You can oppose colour values and textures too. In terms of influence maps, you might want to establish a visual system which very clearly separates the two cultures.

    There are no reviews on here, Ollie. Sort it. I think you're in denial about the written element of the course (hence the stupidity of your non-submission of essay for Unit 1), but let me re-state for your benefit that 'the written element' is an immovable object - a constitutional part of the degree programme (any degree programme!), and the longer you avoid these opportunities to develop your skills in this area, the more likely it is that you will ultimately leave CG Arts because of it. Let me be clear - if you don't write your reviews, if you don't write your written assignments (for Perception too), you will be unable to progress to year 2, simple as. You need to make an appointment with Tracey Ashmore - I'm sure you did, but I also sure you didn't go. Time then to make another appointment and prioritise managing your reading/writing/research skills.

    Re. your assignment. Listen - Silent Hill the movie might be a great choice, but can I suggest that, before you start writing it, you ensure that there is enough already written about the role of its production design in relation to its story by other people. Students often make the mistake of a picking a film with pretty average production design, so that, 500 words in, they've got nothing meaningful to say about it. Make your life easier, Ollie - select a film that is FAMOUS for the relationship between 'visual concept' and 'story' - and then ensure that you're reading about that relationship (in reviews, in journals, on google books) before you try and write something about it. Obviously, what's interesting about Silent Hill is that it partly derives its visual concept from the game, which means you might have to first research the production design ideas governing the design of the game (because that will ultimately relate to the movie version too).

    Get your reviews and about 100 more thumbnails on this blog asap! Time is running on (and you've got a Unit 1 essay to complete too!). GO SEE TRACEY!

  3. All taken on-board Phil and thank you for the feedback. I'm re uploading the OGR in PDF format through Scribd so it should be ship-shape for you to have a quick recap over because this version is an utter mess... which is disappointing when thinking about the masses of effort I plunged into it.. hence the page amount! xD