Thursday, 29 September 2011

THE FIRST IDEAS TO BLOOM (Thumbnail sketches)

 I'd like to be left more Human then Millipede, a 'Milli-man' so to speak ^ ^

 I thought that I'd portray whether the mythical sense may fit into the workings but... I like the idea of a Minotaur structure of '4' but I prefer the idea of '5' for the due the the better combination of human and key aspects of the Millipede, thus  being its flexible body and exo-skeleton. '6' is too easy If I'm honest and '7' is a good idea if the ravage insect side of me is unleashed but it won't be ^ ^

..'8' just makes me laugh but I want this creature to be scared and taken seriously. '9','10','11 are good concepts of how (Still) human this creature can be, I've utilized the snout shape of the Giant African Millipede and taken brief reference from my influence map.

 '12' does obtain the key humanoid features in terms of basic structure... Apart from the bi-pedal legs but anyhoo! (I like different leg types so I thought why not! ^ ^) '12' has the basic idea of what I want to do to some degree, '13' is one I like because it shows a good sense of anguish and it has SPLICE written all over it. By that I mean the right hand is messed up, the exo-skeleton is phasing through the skin and well... the head is interesting to say the least. I prefer to ignore '14', that is more on the lines of these creatures are growing from me and basically that'll be wrong..

These are primary ideas about how the shape of the Millipede leg could form into something more human, not to say that this creature (Me) shall have 270-esque legs like an actual Millipede because that'll be within in the line of predicable.


  1. i really like thumbnail 13, you should try and experiment with it.

  2. Oh yeah, good idea Ilmi, cheers :) I have taken the idea of the exoskeleton kind of blistering my body but the head could help me to follow up on the head reworking I'm doing right now, thanks man :)